Irish singer/songwriter Eabha McMahon is currently writing and recording for her long awaited debut solo album which she will release under the name Ava.

Eabha has garnered world attention as principal vocalist with the renowned Irish Music collective Celtic Woman, helping gain the group their first ever Grammy nomination on her debut recording. Even with the wealth of talent that has passed through Celtic Woman over its fifteen year lifetime, Eabha has emerged as one of its most unique and outstanding talents. She brought an authenticity to the group which is no surprise considering her upbringing steeped in the Irish language and from an early age, trained in the Irish traditional style of singing, known as Sean Nos.

At age sixteen she was invited to join Anuna, the acclaimed Irish choral group. who first came to world attention as part of the original Riverdance show. They have a reputation for being home to some of Irelands finest vocal talents, Hosier being one of many to have begun their singing career there.

She became a prominent soloist during her time with Anuna, The group were often in demand for distinguished private events and she very soon became a favoured item in their repertoire. One very well known Irish singer would often call on the group when he had high profile guests for dinner at his house, world leaders and such, and would specifically ask for Eabha to attend.

Following a year or so travelling to far flung corners of the world undertaking humanitarian work, she had just begun working on a solo album when in early 2015 she got the call to join Celtic Woman. Since then she has recorded five albums, filmed three television specials and performed concerts with them in over 20 countries across 6 continents.

2020 will finally see the release of her solo material featuring self-penned original compositions that she cannot wait to share with the world. 

For someone with such a unique talent, the upcoming album will be sure to stand out there on its own.

Contemporary with strong traditional influences, haunting at times, lavish at others, pop sensibilities with its roots firmly in World Music.

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