In case you are stumbling upon me, for the first time, my name is Éabha McMahon, a singer/songwriter from Ireland. I am passionate about music, human rights, the sea, my home, animals and creativity. I love collaboration and I love people. I love observing them, listening to them and most of all I love what being around people does for me.

Éabha is an Irish language name. It is very special to me. It represents who I am and my love for the Irish language, which I am passionate about and always will be. Éabha will always be my name. 


However after touring the world for the last few years, I know that the spelling of my name has often proved difficult for people to read, type and pronounce.  (É’ in the irish language sounds like ‘A and ‘bh’ in the irish language, sounds like ‘v’).


So for that reason, I have decided for my upcoming music releases that I will simply go under the name of AVA which is the phonetical spelling of Éabha.


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